Saturday, November 23, 2019

Plan a Fantastic Family Vacation at Bay RV Park

large pop out RV
Our Kemah RV resort is the perfect place to camp if you’re looking to enjoy both the great outdoors and all the amenities of the greater Houston area. From our fully equipped grounds to our great location in San Leon, Bay RV Park is the best place to camp before continuing your boundless Texas adventures. Best of all, our RV resort is located a short distance from Galveston, Houston, Kemah, Texas City, and the Bay Area-- you’ll always have plenty to do when you’re staying here! Our space can fill up quick though, so be sure to call ahead to make a reservation.

Enjoying the Houston Area

While our RV resort is placed perfectly to give you access to many attractions, including the Kemah boardwalk, we always recommend that tourists take the time to enjoy Houston itself. As the largest city in Texas, Houston is renowned for its multicultural entertainment, including museums, delicious cuisine, and an endless array of offbeat experiences that are truly worth writing home about. We always highly recommend the bustling Theater District which is home to a stunning array of visual and performing arts pieces that are truly unforgettable.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

RV Camping VS Tent Camping

RV next to a picnic table
Camping in complete comfort is as simple as going RV camping near Galveston, TX. While there is a wide range of camping options throughout the area, you’ll find that none can beat the classic comforts of home while you enjoy the great outdoors. Bay RV Park, in particular, has become renowned for its spacious grounds and central location-- just read our testimonials! Tent camping may feel like the more classic camping experience, but it comes bundled with a truly stunning array of disadvantages that RV camping easily overcomes.

Beating the Weather and Pests In Your RV

The outdoors are beautiful, and the camping experience is one that is truly unforgettable; however, there is a lot to be said for having the creature comforts of home at your fingertips. Why struggle against local wildlife or fear the sun over your head? By going out in your RV, you always have a safe, comfortable haven to return to that won’t be bothered by local pests or inclement weather. Rain or shine, you can always enjoy a real camping experience when you’re in an RV. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the world outside-- enjoy RV camping near Galveston, TX instead!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tips for RVing with Your Kids

young family sitting outside their rv
Take home with you on your next family vacation by bringing the kids to some of the best RV parks near Galveston. If you want the perfect solution to an adventure that’s outside of the usual hotel experience, you can make a camping trip ideal for the whole crew. Check out these easy ways to make the most of your time when you take the kids out in an RV:

Pick a Desirable Destination -- Scenic views and the freedom of the outdoors are universal sources of fun for kids around the world. Find a camping spot with plenty of opportunities for activity. This is key to keeping children engaged and active. Parks close to big cities also offer the option of day trips to zoos, movies, and other attractions.

Plan Your Stops -- The notorious need for emergency bathroom breaks is an inevitable part of any trip with younger participants. You can make things easy on yourself by knowing ahead of time where the nearest rest stops are in advance. With the internet, you can even check out reviews and avoid unsafe locations.

Prepare to Clean -- Unlike a hotel, RV’s don’t come with room service. Set up a schedule that includes time for everyone to get involved in the cleaning, and talk with your kids before the trip to make their responsibilities clear.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How to Save Money While RVing

putting money in a piggy bank
When you hit the road on your way to your favorite Kemah RV site, there are a few ways to help your wallet survive the adventure. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just prefer a frugal lifestyle, it’s never a bad idea to save during your outing. Here are a few top tips to manage your money and still enjoy a great time with your RV:
Food -- One of the easiest ways to drain your bank balance is to dine out while you’re driving around. A tasty treat from your favorite restaurant now and again is one thing, but having limited space and a small fridge is no reason to avoid home-made meals. Canned goods, slow cookers, and sandwiches are all easy options for economical eating.
Entertainment -- These days, modern movies and TV aren’t confined to four stationary walls. With nifty gadgets like a powerful rooftop antenna, you can pick up plenty of free TV signals for your enjoyment. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi when you can find it and let yourself lag behind mainstream releases for lower prices on rentals. 
Maintenance -- With some time spent learning and an investment in a decent set of tools, you can cut down on upkeep costs for your RV by simply fixing minor issues yourself. The internet is also an excellent resource for fee-free repairs, and preventative maintenance helps you avoid more expensive problems down the line.

Monday, September 23, 2019

RV Safety Tips

rvs in a parking lot
Are you planning an RV trip for some Kemah camping in beautiful Southeast Texas?  If so, you are going to want to make sure you follow these smart safety tips to ensure that your trip is a great one. Doing these 10 things helps you fully enjoy your experience from beginning to end by eliminating potential issues that can come with RV travel and camping.

1. Learn How to Drive the RV You Plan to Use – If you are renting an RV or have purchased a new one, then it is important for you to become comfortable with it before you hit the road. There are many different types of RVs available, and their handling is all a bit different. With just a little bit of practice, you won’t have to worry about figuring out what you need to do in a pinch.

2. Purchase RV Insurance & Road Coverage – Regular automotive insurance usually doesn’t cover recreational vehicles. That means you will want to make sure the insurance you have does, in fact, cover your RV. It is also a smart idea to sign up for roadside assistance coverage that specializes in RVs. Nobody wants to leave a trailer full of possessions on the side of the road.

3. Double Check Your Reservations – Usually if you are traveling in an RV, you aren’t going around the block. That means you are going to put some major miles between your home and your destination. Don’t end up without a place to park when you get to where you are going by not making a reservation and ensuring there have been no changes.

4. Double Check for Road Conditions, Closures, & Construction – Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever before to quickly look up different routes and issues that might be occurring on them. Planning out your trip and taking into account any road issues you might encounter along the way helps make for a smoother traveling experience.

5. Check the Weather – While you can’t change the weather, you are able to adapt for it. Keep an eye on your upcoming forecast so you know what to expect not just at your destination, but also on the route you are taking to get there.

6. Make a Checklist – A simple checklist helps you avoid forgetting anything you need both for yourself as well as for your RV. Write down what you need, including extra tires, tanks, awnings, food, and water, and then make sure everything is on your RV and ready to go.

7. Review Your Electrical Load – Different RVs have different electrical capacities. That means, unlike your home, you may not be able to plug in and run all of your different appliances and electronics all at once. Know your electrical load and adjust your electrical usage accordingly.

8. Know Your Weight Limits – Proper weight distribution is critical when it comes to driving an RV. You want to make sure that you stay under the legal weight limit for your specific RV so that you can avoid any issues on the road.

9. Respect Local Wildlife – When you make it to your destination, make sure you are being respectful of the natural habitat for any wildlife in the area. Leaving food trash lying out, for example, is a great way to get an uninvited visit from a bear, ants, or other unwanted guests.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Escape the Cold This Winter with a Trip to Bay RV Park

dad with his son on his shoulders in front of their rv
When the cold air starts blowing into town and the snow begins to fall, you might be wishing for some sort of escape to warmth. That is exactly why so many people every year travel down south to stay at Kemah RV parks--Bay RV Park in particular.
Close to all of the best Texas attractions and featuring all of the conveniences and amenities you could want, this park gives visitors the ability to shake off some of that cold and enjoy fun, food, festivities, and fabulous shops in pleasantly warm temperatures. This makes it a great escape whether you are looking to get out of colder weather or just want to go on a fun trip with the people you love and care about.
Don’t become restless when the weather becomes too cold to enjoy being outside where you live. Instead, come down to Kemah to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor activities we have to offer, even during the winter. Travel our beautiful nature trails, visit our lovely boardwalk, or take a trip on one of the many amusement rides, including a Ferris wheel and a carousel, that are available just around the corner from our RV park.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ecotourism in Galveston

Galveston bay
Here in Galveston, there’s plenty to see and do, especially for nature-lovers. Because we’re located on the Texas Gulf Coast, visitors to our beautiful city are easily able to explore local estuaries, harbors, and wildlife refuges. Best of all, there are plenty of convenient RV parks near Galveston and other famous Texas cities, making it easy to set up camp without going too far from the best attractions.

If you’re planning to visit the area and want to experience the best of the outdoors, here are a few spots you won’t want to miss:

1. Galveston Island State Park
Located on the west end of Galveston Island, this unique park is home to more than 2,000 acres of wetlands, estuaries, and beaches. You and your family can search for native birds on scenic walking trails, explore the coast, or spend the night in the park’s public campground.

2. Galveston Bay
Visit the seventh-largest estuary in the country! At Galveston Bay, visitors can spy freshwater and saltwater marine life, sample the freshest seafood, and visit nearby shopping centers when it’s time for a break and a bite to eat.

3. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
You’ll sleep well after a day spent exploring this enormous preserve. From fishing and hunting to birdwatching and paddle boarding, there’s plenty to see and do for the whole family.